Sunday, January 20, 2013

number of digits function - sage - sagemath

If you work with Sage a lot, then these two points will help you remember how to get a digit count:
  • Sage uses Objects to represent mathematical constructs
  • Sage is written in Python

Answer: 1067

There are 1067 digits in the number formed when 11 is raised to 1024

Pari/GP and number of digits:

In Pari/GP the length() function can be used in a similar way to len() in Sage. In Pari try length(Str(11^1024))

You can still access Pari/GP directly through sage.

Try this in Sagemath:


The very large - two examples using Pari:

( click on the image above for optimal font sizing )

Notes and further reading:

You can check the 11^1024 digit count yourself by following this wolfram alpha link:

Python note: Although sage allow you to use ^ to indicate raising to power, when writing in Python directly you should use the correct ** operator.
Pari/GP is designed particular for number theory, and does not have a real need to store mathematical constructs as api friendly Objects [by default] in the same way as Sage does.